The agency network interception and drugs at the international airport in ASEAN (ASEAN Airport Interdiction Task Force - AAITF).

Background of ASEAN AITF
• Concerned by the increasing threats and the number of arrests and seizures at the international airports of the ASEAN Member States, ASEAN Anti-narcotics Law Enforcement Agencies have agreed to establish an ASEAN Airport Interdiction Task Force, with a view to effectively intercepting the drug trafficking organized groups targeting and transiting ASEAN region.

• The ASEAN Airport Interdiction Task Force (thereafter ASEAN AITF) shall be the impetus in collaborating, initiating, coordinating interdiction of drug trafficking in ASEAN through international check points, as well as for the enhanced cooperation among ASEAN Practitioners for the purpose of intercepting drug trafficking into and transiting ASEAN region.

• Aiming to achieve the target of Drug Free ASEAN in 2015, Thailand proposed the concept of holding the first workshop on Airport Interdiction Task Force at the 31st ASOD meeting in October 2010 in Indonesia.

AITF Concept -as recommended by the 31st ASOD meeting.
• Unify inter-agency drug investigation and operation at the international airport in the country and within the ASEAN countries;

• Establish a reliable and sustainable information and intelligence gathering system where concerned agencies can utilize for further investigation;

• Make use of the measures that support operational efficiency such as controlled delivery, financial investigations, and other investigations that involve modern technology;

• Develop guidelines for knowledge management of airport interdiction practice among ASEAN International Airport.

Progress of ASEAN AITF
• The first meeting "the ASEAN+3 Workshop on Airport Interdiction Task Force” was held from 1-3 May 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.

• The second meeting "the Consultation Meeting on ASEAN+3 Airport Interdiction Task Force” was held on 1 November 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.

• The third Meeting of ASEAN Airport Interdiction Task Force was held from 20-21 May 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

Thailand Airport Interdiction Task Force
      Following the first ASEAN+3 Workshop on AITF, Thailand has established "Thailand Airport Interdiction Task Force” or Thailand AITF, chaired by Deputy Secretary of Narcotics Control Board, and report to the National Command Centre for Drugs Elimination (NCCDE).

          Thailand AITF consists of key national drug enforcement agencies namely ONCB, Police Narcotics Suppression Bureau, Immigration Bureau, Thai Customs, Anti-Money Laundering Office, and Food and Drug Administration.

         The task force has 2 levels: Command level and Operation level.