To drive the regional efforts of ASEAN national drug control focal agencies in pursuing the ASEAN Drug Free 2015.
          To act as a coordinating office for ASEAN national drug control agencies and relevant concerned agencies of ASEAN Member States to work together on drug cases at the initial stage.
          To coordinate for information exchange and gathering on anti-drugs activities of ASEAN Member States via ASEAN-NARCO website
          To monitor illicit drug situation and drug control activities in ASEAN region through the existing linkage of ASEAN Member States or relevant international organizations.

ASEAN-NARCO will have its roles as follows:
i) To be an coordinating office to push forward the regional efforts on drug control of ASEAN Member States
ii) To collect data and information on drug control of ASEAN Member States
iii) To do the exchange of information for drug investigation by operation teams of ASEAN Member States
iv) To coordinate for drug cases through existing mechanism such as AITF, BLOs
v) To manage for investigation in drug case or cooperative investigation of ASEAN Member States
vi) To coordinate in organizing trainings for capacity building of officers of ASEAN Member States
vii) To publicize the anti-drug activities of ASEAN Member States
viii) To act as the drug monitoring centre for ASEAN region
ix) To coordinate implementation of the ASEAN anti-drug activities on supply and demand reduction