ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network Operational Workshop III

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Tuesday 28th of February 2017

ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network Operational Workshop III

             The ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network (ADMN) was establish by ONCB, Thailand in 2015 under operation of ASEAN Narcotics Cooperation Center (ASEAN-NARCO) in order to exchange information, news, situation as well as monitor and caution related to drug problems in each ASEAN Member States. All countries agreed on the ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network Work Plan imposed on 3 phases: 1st phase to seek common agreement; 2nd phase to develop cooperation and 3rd phase to develop drug monitoring network database. Under this work plan, organizing the ADMN meeting to analyze details and compiling the ASEAN Drug Monitoring report with ASEAN member states continually.

              Due to collaboration of all ASEAN Member States, the ASEAN Drug Monitoring 2015 was completed. Thai representative as a central coordinator addressed the report to the 37th ASEAN Senior Official on Drug Matters (37th ASOD) in Thailand as well as publishing news of this report after the meeting. Besides, the completed ASEAN Drug Monitoring 2015 was presented to the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters (5th AMMD) during 19-20 October 2016 in Singapore for affirmation. This report has already been accepted and published internationally.

              ONCB, under the Ministry of Justice, would organize the 3rd ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network Operational Workshop during 8-11 March 2017 at Amari Watergate Bangkok. Each 3 representatives from 10 ASEAN Member States, representatives from dialogue partner countries include People’s Republic of China, Japan and Republic of Korea, Thai staff, UNODC, ASEAN secretariat and Administrative Committee of Substance abuse Academic Network, 120 delegates approximately. The purpose is to be as a stage for ASEAN Member

              States discuss and exchange information according to common questionnaire, draft the ASEAN Drug Monitoring 2016 in the first six month period (January-June 2016) and prepare draft report presentation to 38th ASOD in Vietnam. Moreover, the meeting would discuss regarding ASEAN-NARCO Website development. ONCB would be the webmaster of the website.

              Since 22-24 June 2015, ASEAN Narcotics Cooperation Center (ASEAN-NARCO), ONCB, Under Ministry of Justice, organized the ASEAN+3 Workshop on ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network of the ASEAN-NARCO at the Century Park Hotel, Bangkok. Representative from ASEAN Member States, Dialog Partner Countries and International Organization attend the workshop. The delegates of the workshop agreed that it should have common drug monitoring network connectivity in ASEAN community and initiate contact person on drug supply and drug demand (2 of each country) to be a coordinator and a team member of publishing the ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2016.