ONCB Thailand hosts the 4th ASEAN Drug Monitoring Operational Workshop

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Monday 31st of July 2017

ONCB Thailand hosts the 4th ASEAN Drug Monitoring Operational Workshop

              Sunday 30 July 2017, 09:00 a.m., Mr.Pipop Chamnivigaipong, Deputy Secretary-General, NCB, opened the 4th ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network Operational Workshop at Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel in Khon Kaen, Thailand. This workshop is held during July 30 – August 1, 2017 with some 100 attendants from all 10 ASEAN Member States, 3 ASEAN dialogue partners namely China, Japan, and Republic of Korea; ASEAN Secretariat, UNODC Regional Office, Thailand Substance Abuse Academic Network, and ONCB officials. The main purposes of this workshop are to finalise the ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2016, to prepare members for the ASEAN Drug Monitoring online database on the ASEAN-NARCO website, to consider ADMN 2017-2018 Work Plan, as well as to promote technical cooperation and sharing of drug related knowledge and know-how among ASEAN Member States.

              To prevent the possible adverse impact of ASEAN connectivity on drug situation in ASEAN, Thailand by the Office of the Narcotics control Board initiated the ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network or ADMN in 2015 under the ASEAN Narcotics Cooperation Center or ASEAN-NARCO framework, to promote a regular exchange of data and information on drug situation, progresses in prevention and control activities in ASEAN Member States, as well as warning signs of emerging drug situation in the region. For these purposes, ADMN meets twice yearly and ONCB Thailand has hosted three ADMN operational workshops since 2015 with full cooperation from all ASEAN Member States. The ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2015 is the first report of its kind in this region. The ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report shows that in most part of the region, more than half of drug users are on methamphetamines while cannabis, opium and heroin, and cocaine problem also exist. Member States suggested a closer monitoring of illicit drugs trade via social media and the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and lesser control substances. Member States also proposed the setting up of a drug hotline communication among ASEAN for a prompt contact in drug issues.

               One main objective of ADMN is to establish an ASEAN drug monitoring online database to serve as a platform for sharing and disseminating up-to-date, unclassified drug information as already provided in other regions. ONCB planned to have the software for this online database application fully developed and available to ASEAN Member States for testing by the end of 2017. This program is based on the ADMN questionnaire which will be thoroughly reviewed by concerned data officers of ADMN members in this 4th Workshop.

              The 4th ADMN Operational Workshop also coincides with the 10th National Substance Abuse Conference which the Northeastern Substance Abuse Data and Academic Center of Khon Kaen University is hosting. ADMN participants from ASEAN Member States are also invited to attend the Conference and the last session of the 4th ADMN Workshop- the country presentation- will be open to all participants of the Conference to promote technical cooperation in ASEAN region.

             This year marks the 50th anniversary of ASEAN on the 8th of August. ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2016 will be a part of the celebration of the 50th year of ASEAN. This ADMN project represents the solidarity of ASEAN in combating drug problem and the progress of ASEAN in the collaboration in drug problem prevention and control. We are not only sharing information on drug situation, but we also openly share our drug policy, programs, knowledge and technology, and warning signs of new emerging problem. This sharing will lead to timely prevention and control of new drugs and other related problems.

            “Last week, the full draft of ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2016 was presented at the 38th ASOD in Hanoi, Viet Nam for acknowledgement. In this workshop ADMN members will participate in the revision of the draft report for fine tuning and final editing. Then ONCB will have this report published and available in hard copy and online from the ASEAN-NARCO website with links to other relevant websites. This ASEAN Drug Monitoring Report 2016 will be the second annual report produced by the ASEAN Drug Monitoring Network.”, said Mr.Pipop Chamnivigaipong, Deputy Secretary-General, NCB Thailand.