ONCB, Thailand met CCDAC, Myanmar for their 20 th Bilateral Meeting in Tyuanggyi

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Wednesday 6th of June 2018

ONCB, Thailand met CCDAC, Myanmar for their 20 th Bilateral Meeting in Tyuanggyi

            ONCB, Thailand met CCDAC, Myanmar for their 20 th Bilateral Meeting on 3 June2018 in Tyuanggyi

            On 3 June 2018, Mr. Sirinya Sidhichai, Secretary-General of the Narcotics Control Board of Thailand, the head of Thai Delegation attended the 20th Myanmar-Thailand Bilateral Meeting on Drug Control Cooperation which was organized by the Central Committee for Drugs Control (CCDAC) at Royal Taunggyi Hotel, Myanmar. The opening ceremony was chaired by Police Major General Aung Win Oo, Chief of Myanmar Police Force and Secretary of CCDAC, and also the head of Myanmar delegation.

            The objective of the meeting aimed to discuss on current drug situation, Thailand and Myanmar cooperation on law enforcement, precursor and chemical control, drug treatment and rehabilitation, relevant support and training, sustainable alternative development, including, the detail of the Joint Action Plan on Drug Control along Thailand-Myanmar border.

            Mr. Sirinya Sidhichai, said that “Thailand gives high priority to drug control cooperation with Myanmar, especially on the target areas along Thailand-Myanmar Border and supports such cooperation to achieve in practice. Both sides have agreed to formulate of the Joint Action Plan on Drug Control along Thailand-Myanmar Border which covers all measures and intensify our cooperation not only on drug law enforcement, but also on treatment and rehabilitation, prevention and sustainable alternative development. Before on 21 May 2018, H.E. Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Justice, the head of Thai Delegation paid a courtesy call on H.E. Lieutenant General Kyaw Swe, Minister of Home Affairs. On this occasion and both Ministers had given their approval for the Joint Action Plan”.

             The meeting outcomes include the following: Both sides paid high attention to chemical and precursor control, and agreed to increase the volume of interception of precursor and chemical smuggling to the Golden Triangle. Both sides supported their joint cooperation in the areas of investigation and suppression of precursors and chemicals smuggled into drug production sites in the Golden Triangle, interdiction and suppression of drug trafficking in at-risk areas along Thailand-Myanmar border, information and intelligence sharing, surveillance, extension of investigation on regular basis, and direct communication between local agencies of the two countries for timely responses. 3. Both sides agreed to conduct a meeting on precursors and chemicals control between drug production countries and countries affected such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, China, and India in order to formulate joint effective procedures on precursor and chemical control. 4. Both sides agreed on the Joint Action Plan on Drug Control along Thailand-Myanmar Border, especially for the immediate phase planned to commence during July to September 2018. The immediate action plan shall include the increase in number of drug interception checkpoints at the key drug trafficking routes, chemical and precursor control and surveillance, investigation and suppression of drug producers and traffickers, drug clearance operation along Thailand-Myanmar border, intelligence coordination and investigation and arrest of cross-border fugitives. 5. In addition, both sides also agreed to enhance and strengthen cooperation on the Border Liaison Officer-BLO mechanism and exchanged the lists of fugitives.

            At the closing, the Thai side expressed its strong commitment to promote the Thailand-Myanmar Cooperation on Drug Control, drug and chemical profiling, drug treatment and rehabilitation, as well as, sustainable alternative development. With a great pleasure, Thailand will be the next host of the 21st Thailand-Myanmar Bilateral Meeting. Dates and venue of the Meeting will be confirmed. The meeting ended with the friendship, the spirit of cooperation and understanding.