Meeting and Study Visit on White Villages along Thailand-Cambodia-Lao PDR Borders

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Wednesday 20th of June 2018

Meeting and Study Visit on White Villages along Thailand-Cambodia-Lao PDR Borders

             Office of the Narcotics Control Board and Department of Border Affairs organized the Meeting and Study Visit on White Villages along Thailand-Cambodia-Lao PDR Borders on 18-20 June 2018 in Ubon Ratchathani. The Vice Governor of Ubon Ratchathani Province,VCD Col. Pramot Tanyapuch and Deputy Director of Department of Border Affairs, Maj. Gen. Piroach Vilailug delivered the Welcome Speech to warmly welcome the Cambodian Delegation led by Pol.Lt.Gen.Neak Yuthea, Deputy Secretary-General of NACD and Lao PDR Delegation led by Mr. Phousavath Sunthala, Deputy Secretary-General of LCDC. The Meeting was opened and chaired by Mr. Chlaisin Bodhicharoen, Deputy Secretary-General, NCB and Head of Thai Delegation. The Meeting was organized with the objectives to share experiences on implementation of strong villages as white villages (drug-free villages) of Thailand - Cambodia, Thailand - Lao PDR and Cambodia – Lao PDR borders as well as to consider the key indicators to assess the implementation to achieve the strong village status in 3 dimensions, namely, the strength of villages, living and quality of life of villagers and relationship of villagers among 3 countries. The delegates from national narcotics control agencies, local authorities, target provinces/districts, target villages/communities of 3 countries had discussed and reviewed the proposed indicators made by Thailand. The meeting agreed to the proposed indicators and each country will use those indicators that suit to the situation of their villages.

               The White Villages along Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand Borders is one activity under the Lower Safe Mekong Operation which three countries agreed to implement in accordance with the Lower Safe Mekong Operation Plan 2017-2018 adopted by the Ministerial Meeting on Drug Control Cooperation among Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand (Lower Safe Mekong Operation) since the strong border villages with good quality of life could be used as mechanism to prevent drugs in the area. Target parallel villages along Thailand-Cambodia, Thailand-Lao PDR and Cambodia-Lao PDR borders were identified, namely 2 parallel villages along Thailand - Cambodia border, 10 parallel villages along Thailand – Lao PDR border and 3 parallel villages along Cambodia – Lao PDR border. This activity will also be integrated in a new phase of the Safe Mekong Operation Plan 2019-2023.

                 Prior to the meeting, the Cambodia and Lao PDR Delegations had the opportunity to visit a Learning Centre on the Royal Initiative Project (Pa Dong Na Tham) in Ubon Ratchathani where the Royal Initiative on the Sufficiency Economy has been demonstrated and put into practice by the 2nd Infantry Battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment. The delegates observed the activities of the Centre such as farming, quality of life development, and environment protection.

                  The Meeting was successfully concluded with the spirit of mutual cooperation and understanding of the 3 countries.