Indonesia's Effort to Build the Economy of Aceh People through Alternative Development Program

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Wednesday 25th of October 2017

Indonesia's Effort to Build the Economy of Aceh People through Alternative Development Program 

           The National Narcotics Board (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia has conducted a National Seminar on Alternative Development for a Drug Free Aceh on 11 October 2017 at Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia.

            Speakers for this seminar are Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Cooperatives & Small and Medium Enterprises and also the Governor of Aceh. The seminar was joined by 100 officers from related Ministries/ Agencies, Aceh people and other relevant organizations. The objectives of this seminar are to build partnerships, networks, collaboration and cooperation among related Ministries/ Agencies to root out drug problems in Aceh and also to provide people with sustainable and illicit livelihoods.

            Head of BNN, Police Commissioner General Budi Waseso, on his keynote speech said that drug problems, especially marijuana has become a serious threat to the life of nation and state, especially to the young generation. One of ways to combat the drugs threat in Indonesia, especially in Aceh is through alternative development program.

            "Alternative Development Program is important for Aceh region and it should be attention for all stakeholders. Alternative development program is the effort to overcome drugs problem from its roots, especially in Aceh province in overcoming social and economic problems that is poverty, imbalance, and ignorance." added Mr. Waseso.

            Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo, said Ministry of Home Affairs has issued Regulation No. 21 of 2013 on Narcotics Abuse Prevention Facility, mandated to Local Government to facilitate the formulation of local regulations concerning narcotics which includes early anticipation, prevention, rehabilitation, funding, and community participation. The Minister of Home Affairs has also pledged to draft the Presidential Instruction as the legal umbrella of the implementation of the Grand Design Alternative Development (GDAD).

            To support alternative program in Aceh, Ministry of Agriculture will put effort on the welfare of farmers through the development of agricultural production centers, to build a resilient agriculture based on local resources and to improve agricultural institutions.

            Meanwhile Ministry of Cooperatives & Small and Medium Enterprises views that efforts to improve the economy through cooperatives is to improve the quality of human resources entrepreneurship.

            Aceh's Vice Governor, Nova Iriansyah who also attend to the seminar stated Government of Aceh strongly supports alternative development efforts in Aceh through issuing qanun (local regulation in Aceh) and mobilizing religious leaders and public figures in socializing alternative development programs and ready to welcome the Ministeries/Agencies’ efforts to implement GDAD year 2016-2025.